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Scaventour™ Masked Writer Game

Looking for a bigger game?

Contact us to set up a the Masked Writer Scaventour game, which can be done for up to 600 people.

Storyline: Someone on campus has been leaving libelous messages of discontent and we think it is one of the agents in our agency.

The Masked Writer game takes your group and splits them into up to 150 teams of 4 people in order to determine the Masked Writer's identity (up to 600 people).

The setup for the game is that the teams are members of an agency trying to find the Masked Writer, who is one of their own. Each team will be given a packet of puzzles, a map, a list of suspects (with attributes such as name, rank, time in the agency, number of missions completed, etc.), an instruction sheet, prescribed route, and a scoresheet.

Throughout the 90 minute game, teams explore the grounds of the Campus, walking around one mile in search of answers to their puzzles (with larger groups, the game will expand both in time and distance required to walk). Successfully solving a puzzle will give them a clue that will allow them to deduce which of the suspects is the Masked Writer. For instance, if the answer to puzzle 3 is even, the Masked Writer is not from California; if it is odd, the Masked Writer is not from Texas. A correct answer will allow them to eliminate 3 of the 16 suspects. Answering all of the questions correctly will result in the team correctly deducing the Masked Writer's identity.

Your team must solve 12 puzzles to identify which of the suspects is the "Masked Writer". You have been provided with a score sheet to mark down the answers, a suspect list, a map of the area, and a packet of puzzles. The puzzles have varying levels of difficulty, for which you'll receive points (more points for harder puzzles; more points for puzzles farther from the center). Some teams have different puzzles, but all groups have the same level of difficulty.

11 of the 12 puzzles require you to go to a location on the map and solve the corresponding puzzle. One puzzle can be solved anywhere.

You have 90 minutes to return to the home base with those answers.

Teams will solve puzzles while engaging in tasks such as correlation, observation & discernment, compartmentalism, pattern recognition, spatial patterns, communication, and logic deduction (with a little bit of math). It will take the entire team's efforts in order to be successful in winning the game.

Teams will be scored on their ability to answer the puzzles correctly and to deduce the Masked Writer's identity. Puzzles have varying degrees of difficulty (rated based on previous player's performance), with some puzzles quite simple and some very challenging.

The game has an optional activity where team members can be encouraged to take a leadership role in trying to solve separate puzzles. The game can also be made accessible for people who are in wheelchairs or do not have the ability to walk the full breadth of the course.

The Masked Writer game is great for Corporate Team Building or perhaps an event for a conference in Lubbock.

Winners will get a coveted Scaventour poker chip (collect them all).

$25 per person (4 person maximum per team / minimum 3 teams).


Please Contact for scheduling.

Pricing is $25 per person. With over 100 players, the price will be lower.

Masked Writer Poker Chip for the victorious team

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